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How To Win A Signed Copy Of "Priceless" from Joel & Luke from For King and Country

From Priceless the movie  -  TAG a loved one you think should read "Priceless" the book 📖 & the two of you just may win a signed copy from Joel & Luke of for king and country ;) PS.. did you know you can purchase a copy on Amazon?? 

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Happy Home: a collection of short stories for kids - by Pastor Alfred


Happy Home is a collection of 10 short stories for kids. Naturally, as they are written by Pastor Alfred they contain & promote traditional family values & the beautiful Christian virtues that have brought happiness & joy into homes around the world for many generations for centuries since the death & resurrection of Christ.


You Are Blessed, Blessed... Blessed - by Missy Robertson

From Tyndale House -  For anyone scared and overwhelmed by a problem they can't fix; anyone lost and searching for a way through: this devotional is for you.
Through scriptural teaching and personal stories drawn from Missy Robertsons' life, you'll discover how to trust in God through all life's fears and uncertainties, walk with grace through difficult times, be there for someone you love who is hurting, and lean into God's love instead of turning away from Him in your pain.